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From time to time members of the Gloucester County NJ Email discussion group provide bits and pieces of history relating to Gloucester County -- its people and places. I am indebted to Hermon Fagley of Ohio (and other discussion group members) for offering this information.

The New Jersey Journal, (Chatham), January 15, 1783.
Skirmish at Cedar Creek, New Jersey

Captain BACON, of the Black-Joke whale-boat, with six men, who left this place about the 20th of November last, retook, in little Egg-harbour Bay,the sloop -??, then in the possession of Capt. Badcock, and one from Philadelphia said to have been bound for Halifax; but the ice stopping him in the mouth of the inlet from bringing her off, was obliged to abandon her (having lost his Boat) and taken to the shore.

Col. Shreeves being informed of this circumstance, dispatched a party of 20 men, seven on horses, and an officer, in quest of Captain BACON and his party, who were by that time reinforced by six of General BURGOYNE's soldiers, and being apprized of the enemy's design, did not much fear the number.

On the 24th ult. both parties met at Cedar-Creek-Bridge; the enemy, in three different attempts to charge Captain BACON's party, killed Mr. JOHNSON, (a refugee) wounded the Captain and two of the soldiers

The other eight, not expecting any great civilities from their enemies, were determined not to be taken prisoners, and instantly charged both horse and foot, who seeing them desperate and determined, retreated, but not without loss, three horsemen and their horses, and four footmen, killed; three horsemen and six footmen badly wounded.

William Cook, who commanded the horse, was among the dead.

Capt. BACON's party arrived in this city on Saturday last, with several
trophies of their victory.

See the On-Line Institute for Loyalist Studies

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 12, Volume 85, folios 43-46.

Property Confiscations -- Salem, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Burlington Counties [Extract]
A list of the names of all those Persons whose property was Confiscated in the Several Counties of the State of New Jersey, for joining the Army of the King of Great Britain &c. as returned to the Auditors Office, previous to the first day of May 1787.

Salem County
Moses ATKINSON, Joseph KENDALL, Hugh COWPERTHWAITE, John SUTTON, Richard MEAD, Reuben LANGLEY, William PRICE, Abdon ALBOT, Junr., Philip ADAMS, Robert WHITAKER, James SUTTON, Christopher RANDOLEAR, Israel ELWELL, Jacob VAN MATER, James DEAN, Thomas LAMB, George JOHNSTON, Michael MILLER, Joseph HAWLINGS, William RAWSON, John DANIEL, John MORROW

Cumberland County
Ambrose FITZGERALD, James BARREL, Jr. Ashley BOWEN, Jacob HALL, Daniel STRETCH, German DAVIS, David WATKINS, Nathaniel JENKINS, Daniel BOWEN, Peter LOWRY, Junr., Ezekial THOMAS, Richard CAYFORD , Francis PILGRAM, William WOODLAND, Hugh BARBER, William FULLERTON , John PHILIPS, Nicholas BOUGH, John JEFFERIES, Silvanus FULMAN

Gloucester County
John COX, George SWANTON, Harrison WELLS, Josiah BIDDLE, John HENCHMAN, Jacob HEWIT, John O'BRIAN, Robert WHITAKER, James DUFFIELD, Jeremiah PROSSER, John HATTON, John CARTER, James HANISSEY, David SURAM, Isaac JUSTICE [Justison], John BOODER, George AVIS, William FIRSTMAN, Daniel COZENS, Alexander BATARN, Isaac LORD, Gabriel DeVEBER, Benjamin DUFFIELD, William WELLS, Thomas NIGHTENGALE, Joseph LONG, John CHEW [Jonathan Chew?], Abraham FENIMORE, John RUDROW, William PENYARD, Peter JOHNSTON , James THOMPSON, John FRANKLIN, John BORDER, John GRUFF

Burlington County
Joseph TAYLOR, Jonathon ODELL, George ELIAS, Robert COOKE, John GOULD, John LEONARD, John CARTEY, John HORNER, Thomas HUNLOCK , George PLATER, Joseph HAWLINGS

Extract from the publick books in my office given under my hand this first day of June One Thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven 1787.
Aaron Dunham Auditor of Acct. New Jersey

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