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aka Elizabeth Gray Vining House
402 Kings Highway, Mickleton NJ
Circa 1885
Privately owned

According to the book "Some Homes of Mickleton," this house was built in 1885 for George Craft II on land he had been heired from his father, George Craft III. This source goes on to say that "It was built as a tenant house for Smith Thompson one year after he married.

Perhaps the most famous occupant of this house, was Elizabeth Gray Vining, a Quaker and former tutor of Crown Prince Akihito of Japan. She wrote the book, "Windows For the Crown Prince" in this house, while living here in 1951-1952.

George Craft III House in Mickleton NJ
George Craft III House, October 2005
Photographs by J. Brown
Front Door of George Craft III House
Sign on front chimney commemorating former resident, Elizabeth Gray Vining
Sign on front chimney commemorating former resident, Elizabeth Gray Vining

Additional resources about Elizabeth Gray Vining, Crown Prince Akihito and the book, "Windows For the Crown Prince":

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[FROM book: "Some Houses of Mickleton"]
A search of the titles of house ownership shows:
1885-1893 - Smith Thompson and wife, Alice D. (Packer). Child: Clayton Edgar
1885-1890 - Clayton Shuster Thopson, brother of Smith
1894-1895 - Edward Clark Ogden and wife, Anna Elizabeth (Gaunt), rented for $8 a month
c1896-1898 - Elizabeth Borton Engle, widow of Asa Engle. Child: James Gardiner
11-29-1902 - 190.322 - Gottliebe Pool, wife of Conrad, from Annie E.J. and George Craft
1902-1927 - Gottliebe Eiseman Pool and husband, Conrad
11-9-1917 - William H. Hoffman from Conrad Pool
1927-1919 - Believed to have been rented by: Doy Merrill and Joseph E. Wright
1929-1933 - Jacob H. Pennell and wife, Anna L. (Urban)

Photograph of house in 1978
from book "Some Houses of Mickleton"

1935-1948 - John P. Owen and wife, Carrie (Shute)
7-30-1946 - 543.470 - Amos J. Peaslee from estate of William H. Hoffman
c1948 - Amos J. Peaslee remodelled house, added chimney and fireplace
1948-1965 - Occupied by:
. Edward L. Sinclair
. 1951-52 - Elizabeth Gray VIning and her sister, Violet Gordon Gray. Elizabeth wrote "Windows for the Crown Prince" here. Bronze marker on front of chimney records this.
. Geyer family
. Nelson family
3-28-1961 - 1005.440 - Bryn Mawr College from Amos J. Peaslee
1962-1964 - Peter Richmond and wife, Nancy. Children: Timothy, Joseph, Christopher
3-11-1965 - 1096.382 - Kenneth L. and Martha Oberg from Bryn Mawr College.
1965-1971 - Kenneth Lee Obert and Martha (McAllister). Children: Gregory, Julianne, Christopher
4-1-1971 - 1197.1123 - Gerald K. and Joanne H. Hutchison from Kenneth and Martha Oberg. $26,000
1971-1977 - Gerald Kline Hutchison and wife, Joanne Wright (Heilman). Children: Hilary, Marietta Wright.
11-14-1977 - 1340.583 - Robert E. Sellen Jr. and wife, Corrin Butler Sellen, from Gerald K. and Joanne H. Hutchison.
1977-1979 - Robert E. Sellen Jr. and wife, Corrin (Butler)


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