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U P P E R   G R E E N W I C H   H A L L 
M I C K L E T O N    G R A N G E
M I C K L E T O N    P O S T   O F F I C E

The Upper Greenwich Hall was built in April 1874 for the the Upper Greenwich Hall Association on land donated by Job [Jacob] and Rachel Carter. Conditions of the deed: "Premises to be used for lectures, meetings, exhibitions, stores, library, rooms and purposes of like character as named by the present charter. No instrumental music, dancing, gambling or rum trading shall ever be allowed thereon." It stood on the southeast corner of Kings Highway and Cedar Road.

1905 photograph of Mickleton Hall
Photograph of the Upper Greenwich/Grange Hall taken approximately 1905.
Generously donated by Pete Miskofsky.

Over the years this building was used for community events, and as a school, postoffice, general store and the Grange Hall.

In the Fall of 1874, Samuel Mickle Ogden, grandson of Samuel Mickle, opened his General Store at this Upper Greenwich Hall.

On Nov 18, 1874 a notice is found in "The Constitution" newspaper:
The Upper Greenwich Hall Association has arranged an admirable course of lectures to be given in the new building. The lecturers are popular and entertaining and should be cordially received by the people."

The Select School at Upper Greenwich, in the new hall building, opened on the 16th inst. with 22 scholars, under the care of Anna Churchman of Philadelphia, a thorough and experienced teacher. A few more advanced scholars of either sex can be accomodated.

Photograph of Mickleton Grange Hall and Post Office
Photograph of the Upper Greenwich Hall, corner of Kings Highway &
Cedar/Democrat Roads [now a vacant lot] from "Some Old Houses of Mickleton NJ"

On March 10, 1875, the Mickleton Post Office was established here (in a small room behind the building) with Samuel Mickle Ogden as first Postmaster.

Ad in the "Constitution" newspaper, 3/10/1875:
Reading tonight at 7:30 in the Upper Greenwich Hall by H.V. McCully, elocutionist of great power. John Haines, Charles Middleton, George Craft, Isaac N. Hughes, Charles K. Wolfe, Committee

1/28/1891 - Job Carter rewrites deed to permit the Upper Greenwich Hall Association to have instrumental music in the Hall.

Postmasters & Store Owners:
[For a list of only Mickleton Postmasters SEE Mickleton Post Office]
Samuel Mickle Ogden - 1896
William M. Ogden - 1899
Elmer Bradshaw, Postmaster and Proprietor of Store - 9/1899
John W. Parker - Postmaster and Proprietor of Store - 7/7/1902
Enoch V. Locke - Postmaster and Proprietor of Store - 2/15/1904
Henry Doerrmann, Postmaster and Proprietor of Store - 6/14/1909
"Mickleton Grange #111-P.O.H." - 5/12/1919
J. Clark Haines, Acting Postmaster - 2/2/1927
J. Clark Haines - Postmaster and Proprietor of Store - 2/26/1927
Seth H. Warrington - Acting Postmaster - 10/2/1928
Seth H. Warrington, Postmaster / John R. P. Fowler, Proprietor of Store - 4/16/1929
George H. Kirby, Acting Postmaster - 7/12/1929
George H. Kirby, Postmaster and Proprietor of Store - 11/21/1929
Ivan Flitcraft, Proprietor of Store - c1944-1946
James Hammond & wife, proprietor of store - 1947
Michael DiPhillipantonia, and his brother-in-law, Joseph DiSalvo, proprietors of store - 1947
Edna Thompson, Postmaster; Norma and Dominick Mennite, proprietors of store - 1951-1952
[Also see History of Mickleton Post Office for additional postmasters]

On 10/19/1976 the Mickleton Grange transferred the building and 1/8 acre to Gino and Mary Alberto. In 1977 the 103 year old Hall was razed.

Junction of Kings Highway and Cedar/Democrat Roads as it looks today
The junction of Kings Highway and Cedar/Democrat Roads taken in November 2004. This photograph shows the location as it looks today. The corner space to the left of the white "garage" is where the Mickleton Grange once stood. The garage was the location of Mickleton's early blacksmith.

The small building/garage that can still be found next to where Upper Greenwich Hall used to sit (immediately to the right in the three photographs above), has an interesting origin. In the 1890's a wooden building on this spot was owned by Joseph Leigh, village blacksmith. By 1906 August Eichler was blacksmith here. Later it was owned by Raeman Borden. In 1981 Gino Alberto had a Mickleton Service company here that repaired farm machinery and cars.

The bell from the bell tower of this building can be found in a display case located in the front of the current East Greenwich municipal building.

The Mickleton Bell that hung at the Mickleton Grange Hall
The Mickleton Bell - plaque explanining the origin of the bell located in front of the East Greenwich Township Municipal Building



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