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Other Old Homes MORE   O L D   H O M E S

Thomas Adams House
44 East Tomlin Station Road

Thomas Adams House - Mickleton NJ
Photograph from "Some Old Houses of Mickleton NJ"

Believed to have been built c. 1783 for Valentine and Sarah Simson Reynold on land bought from her uncle, William Harrison Jr. Thomas Adams purchased the house in 1825. (Private Residence)

Margaret Wells Albertson House
711-715 Kings Highway

Margaret Wells Albertson House in Mickleton NJ
Photograph from "Some Old Houses of Mickleton NJ"

Stone portion believed to have been built c1770 for Margaret Wells Albertson on land heired from her grandfather, William Harrison. Margaret and her husband Aaron Albertson lived there from 1770-1784 (Private Residence)

The house as it looks today. Photograph courtesy of Chad G. Nichols (Dec 07)

3 Cedar Road
Mickleton, New Jersey

August Eichler House as it look circa 1980
Photograph circa 1980 (from "Some Old Homes of Mickleton')

This house was built about 1895 for Christian Wolferth as home for August and Elizabeth Eichler on land bought from Joseph and Rebecca Leigh.

10-29-1894 Christian Wolferth purchased this land from Joseph and Rebecca Leigh for $2,100. It included Joseph Leigh's blacksmith shop (a wooden building on where a whitewashed brick garage now stands).

1895-1943: Residence of August Eichler, the village blacksmith and wife Elizabeth (Raymond)

2-21-1906 August Eichler purchased the house and land from Christian Wolferth for $2,000

12-14-1943 Raeman Borden purchased same from Elizabeth Eichler.

1950-1979 The property, home and outbuilding passed hands several times including Philip Landis, James East, Michael LaPollo, and Gino Alberto. The last named owners demolished the old Grange Hall on the property.

2004 - This property currently is the John Anthony Salon & Day Spa.

2004 Photograph of John Anthony Salon & Day Spa in Mickleton NJ
Photograph of John Anthony Salon & Day Spa (2004)

Tuesday - Friday: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Sunday: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Monday: Closed

George Brown House
751 Rattling Run Road

George Brown House in Mickleton NJ
Photograph from "Some Old Houses of Mickleton NJ"

Old part believed to have been built c1793 for George Brown on land bought from Daniel and Leze Price Smith (Leze was the mother of Samuel Mickle, diarist, Woodbury). (Private Residence)

William Harrison House
825 Kings Highway

Photograph from "Some Old Homes of Mickleton"

This house is believed to have been built c1746 for William Harrison on land heired from his father, Samuel Harrison.

Harrison Wells House Mickleton NJ
Photograph taken by
Chad G. Nichols Dec 07

4-25-1696 - Survey Book A (Gloucester) p 20 Thomas Gardiner surveyed 600 acres on one of the northerly branches of Homman's Creek south of Stephen Jones "Lynd" for Samuel Harrison

c2-9-1703/1704 - William Harrison heired land from father, Samuel Harrison, mariner.

c1746-1762 - William Harrison and wife, Ann (?Hugg). Children: William Jr., Priscilla, Mary (m. Noah Wells), Ann (m. James Simson), Hannah (m1 William Albertson, m2 Thomas Ellis Jr.)

c 1759 - William Harrison from William Coxe 773 acres.

8-6-1760 - Survey Book H481 - Thomas Denny surveyed until William harrison 11 acres of above next to Harrison's other land. This appears to be in the vicinity of the Solomon Lewis house. It was part of an early survey of the West New Jersey Societies called Indian Town Tract.

11-1-1762 - Priscilla Harrison heired from father, William Harrison, plantation, land and saw mill. Brother William and brother-in-law Thomas Ellis to carry on saw mill for two years. They to deliver boards to Philadelphia and give Priscilla half the profits.

1762-1772 - Priscilla Harrison. Negro woman Venus (m. May 1770 Cudjo, negro man of Matthew Tomlin). Negro girls, Cande and Lenah.

3-6-1767 - Woolwich Township set off from Greenwich Township by a royal charter from King George III. One of its boundary points was at the mouth of a branch of Homan's Creek "a little above William Harrison's saw mill."

[See attached PDF for more details]


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