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The Mickle Family   T H E   M I C K L E    F A M I L Y

The Mickle family settled in the 1700's on the East bank of the Delaware River, in what is now known as Paulsboro.

Samuel Mickle had been keeping a store in Mickleton from at least 1790. In 1796 Samuel Mickle bought the present Bond House at 351 Kings Highway and 160 acres. He lived here until 1829 when he moved to the house at 407 Kings Highway, later owned by his great great grandson Raymond C. Thompson. Samuel Mickle was known for keeping a local diary, of great value to researchers. See some extracts from Samuel Mickle's diary.

In 1799 Samuel Mickle (along with Samuel Tonkin who donated a half acre) donated one and a half acres to the Friends for their "new" Meetinghouse at the junction of Kings Highway and Democrat Road.

In 1808 he donated another acre and a half for them for The Little Red Schoolhouse, then known as the Friends School.

William Mickle was the merchant in 1862 or 1863 in a building opposite the Friend's Meeting, at the corner of Cedar/Democrat Roads and Kings Highway.

In the Fall of 1874, Samuel Mickle Ogden, grandson of Samuel Mickle, opened his General Store at the old Upper Greenwich Hall (later owned by the Mickleton Grange), at the corner of Kings Highway and Cedar Road.

On March 10, 1875, the Mickleton Post Office was established in a small room behind the general store building, with Samuel Mickle Ogden as Postmaster. That building was demolished in 1977. This building was destroyed by fire in 1875.


**First Generation**

, b. abt 1660 in the southern part of County Antrim, Ireland. Archibald came to Philadelphia bringing a certificate from the Men's Meeting at Richard Boyes' House, near Lisburn, county Antrim, Ireland dated the 6th month, 2, 1682. He arrived with a full supply of implements to continue the business of a cooper, in which calling he had served as an apprentice in Ireland. Coopers were in demand along the sea coast, as whale fishing occupied much of the time of the people, and barrels were necessary to carry away the oil. In addition, barrels were used to contain quantities of wine and brandy, among other things. About 1664 he purchased a tract of land of Robert Turner in Newton Township, Gloucester County, containing two hundred and fifty acres, situated near the head of the south branch of Newton Creek, adjoining lands owned by Francis Collins. At the date of this purchase, Archibald Mickle was still a resident of Philadelphia, but soon afterwards he moved to Newton Township. He became the owner of considerable other real estate in the neighborhood. He had married first Isabel --, who apparently died. At Philadelphia Meeting on 12mo. 25, 1686 he married (second) to Sarah Watts, b. abt 1655 in Ireland; and subsequently they removed to Gloucester county, New Jersey where he died in 1706.
  He probably was among the adventurers that followed William Penn to his new colony, bringing with his considerable estate and a full supply of implements to continue the business of a cooper, in which calling he had served as an apprentice in the land of his nativity. This was worth much to him among the settlers, who generally arrived with but little housekeeping material, and had to be supplied with their wooden ware of home manufacture, when a new establishment was set up. Coopers were also in demand along the sea coast, as whale fishing occupied much of the time of the people, and barrels were necessary to carry away the oil. This was the most lucrative business among them, and more capital was invested in it than any other branch.
Four years after his marriage to Sarah Watts, he purchased a tract of land of Robert Turner in Newton Township, Gloucester county, containing two hundred and fifty acres. This survey was situated near the head of the south branch of Newton Creek, adjoining lands located by Francis Collins. This tract afterward became the property of Joseph Lowe, who occupied same. At the date of this purchase, Archibald Mickle was still a resident of Philadelphia, but he soon after came to Newton township and settled, and there remained until his decease in 1706. In 1697 he made another purchase from the same man of five hundred and ten acres, which survey fronted in the river Delaware and extended eastward toward Cooper's Creek.... He did not make the first improvements there, for a man named Thomas Spearman lived in a house on the tract at the time of his purchase, which house stood near the river shore and near where the former residence of Isaac Mickle, deceased is situated. He was the owner of considerable other real estate in the neighborhood, and the inference is, therefore, that he was a man of more means that most of his neighbors, and excepting William Cooper, of any other in the township. In the political affairs of the coloney, his name does not appear, but the fact of his being a Quaker and a strict adherent to his sect, may be drawn from the clause of his will which directed that any one of his children marrying without consent of Friends was to only have one-half of his or her share of his estate.
  His will was dated in 1706, in which he gave his real estate to eight of his children. His widow Sarah survived him, she being the mother of all his children. The estate was conveyed to her after her husband's death, and she, by her will (1718) gave the property to three of her sons, Archibald, James and Joseph, who divided the same by quit claim in 1727.
   Of the division of Archibald Mickle's original purchase, as made between Archibald, James and Joseph in 1727, Joseph's portion passed into the Kaighn family; and Isaac Mickle, senior, in later years, became the owner of Archibald's share and James' also, and conveyed them to his nephew, Isaac Mickle, junior, in 1780.
Children of Archibald Mickle and probably his first wife Isabel (--)
+1. John, who married 1704 to Hannah Cooper, daughter of William Cooper. ELDEST SON.
2. Daniel, who married 1711 to Hannah Dennis; Daniel deceased in 1712, leaving a will. In that document he mentioned his wife and a child unborn. This posthumous child was a boy, named Daniel. His grandmother, Sarah Mickle, provided for his maintenance and education; and also anticipated the needs of the widow.
3. +Samuel, b. 10 Feb 1684, d. 18 Feb 1765; who married 28 Dec 1716 at Philadelphia Meeting to Thomazine Marshall.
Children of Archibald & Sarah (Watts) Mickle: [not in order of birth]
4. +Joseph, d. 1757 in Gloucester Co NJ: m. 1723 to Mary Eastlack
5. Rachel, who m. 1718 to Benjamin Cooper. She died a short time later without children. Benjamin subsequently married Elizabeth Burcham, widow of Jacob Burcham, and daughter of Samuel Cole. The issue from that second marriage was numerous, i.e., Joseph, who married Elizabeth Haines; James, who married Sarah Ervin and Hannah Saunders; Samuel, who married Prudence Brown; Benjamin, who married Elizabeth Hopewell; William who married Ann Folwell; Isaac; and Elizabeth, who married George Budd. Benjamin was a son of Joseph, and grandson of the first William; which William conveyed to the first Joseph, two hundred and twleve acres of land in 1709, who also conveyed the same to his son Benjamin in 1728. This included the ferry at Cooper's Point, which Benjamin conveyed to his son, Samuel, with about thirty-eight acres of land adjoining in 1769.
6. Sarah, who m. Ezekiel Siddon. Ezekiel was a butcher and resided upon a property which he had purchased of Jacob Coffing in 1709. This fronted on the river in Newton township, and was later part of the Mickle estate. He was the owner of other real estate near his homestead. He died intestate, but little is known of his family.
7. James, who married 1732 to Sarah Eastlack; He died 1736, leaving his widow and two children, Rachel and Jacob.
8. Archibald, who married 1719 to Mary Wright; died in 1735 without children. His widow survived him and in 1736 she married Blackinston Ingledon of Philadelphia, to which place she removed with her second husband.
9. Mary, who married Arthur Powel(l). Arthur was a carpenter, and the son of Arthur Powell Sr., who first settled on Penapaca Creek, in Philadelphia County, PA. The senior Arthur came from the town of Flushing, Long Island, in NY State, where his name, that of his wife Margaret, and those of two sons are set down in the census list made in 1698. According to that record he was of French extraction. In 1692 he (Arthur Senior) purchased of Thomas Chaunders, one hundred acres of land in West Jersey, at Mulberry Point, on the sea coast, near Great Egg Harbor. In the same year he purchased a like number of acres from Robert Turner, at the same place, and there is probably where he settled. He had two sons, Arthur and Richard (a shoemaker). Arthur Sr died intestate in 1718. In 1716 Arthur (Junior) purchased a farm from John Fisher, in Newton township, bounded by Cooper's Creek, being aprt of the original estate of John Zane, the first settlers, and that is where Arthur and his wife made their home. In 1730 Arthur Jr. purchased a large tract of land on Timber Creek, from John Brown, and also owned other real estate. He died in 1749. Arthur and Mary Powell had three children: James; Rachel, who married -- Lewis; and --- (dau) who married --- Kent.
10. Isaac, who married Sarah Burrough, daughter of Samuel

**Second Generation**

(Archibald-1), eldest son, was born 30 Nov 1678 in Gloucester Co NJ. He was an active man in the political matters of the colony in his day, and also dealt much in real estate. By Thomas Sharp, as his deputy surveyor, he located several tracts of land in different parts of New Jersey. In 1733 he was appointed one of the judges of the several courts of Gloucester county, and filled other offices of public trust and responsibility. In 1703, "for natural love and affection," his father conveyed to him a farm containing one hundred and fourteen acres, bounded on the south side by the south branch of Newton Creek, and being within the town bounds of Gloucester." On this farm he settled and there remained during his life. He married 8 Sep 1704 in Christ Church, Woodbury NJ to HANNAH COOPER, b. 7 June 1686 in Gloucester Co. NJ. He deceased 20 Sep 1744 in Gloucester Co NJ, his wife and the following children surviving him.
Children of John & Hannah (Cooper) Mickle:
+1. William Mickle-3 b 21 Nov 1705 in Greenwich Twp, Gloucester Co NJ
2. John-3, b abt 1707, married 15 May 1741 in Burlington Co NJ to Mary Allen. At least one child, Elizabeth Mickle, b bef Apr 1747 in Gloucester Co NJ. [A second source states he married Mary Stockdale, of Burlington County in 1741, and deceased in 1765].
3. Hannah-3, b about 1709, m. 13 Nov 1732 in Woodbury, Gloucester, NJ to John Ladd [SEE LADD FAMILY TREE]
4. +Samuel Mickle-3, b 14 July 1711 in Gloucester Co NJ; m. Letitia Matlack, dau of Timothy & Mary (Haines) Matlack.

Samuel-2 MICKLE
(Archibald-1), b. 10 Feb 1684, d. 18 Feb 1765; who married 28 Dec 1716 at Philadelphia Meeting to Thomazine Marshall. She was born 15 Dec 1692, died 28 March 1747, dau of James and Rachel (Garthwaite) Marshall who came from the city of York, England, with William Hudson. Samuel Mickle was a merchant of good standing, became a member of Common Council of the city in 1732, and so continued until his death. Benjamin Franklin in his autobiography gives the following description of Samuel Mickle: "There are croakers in every country, always boding its ruins. Such a one then lived in Philadelphia; a person of note, an elderly man, with a wise look and a very grave manner of speaking; his name was Samuel Mickle. This gentleman, a stranger to me, stopt one day at my door, and asked me if I was the young man who had lately opened a new printing-house. Being assured in the affirmative, he said he was sorry for me, because it was an expensive undertaking, and the expense would be lost; for Philadelphia was a sinking place, the people already half-bankrupt, or near being so, all appearances to the contrary, such as new buildings and the rise in rents, being to his certain knowledge fallacious; for they were, in fact, among the things that would soon ruin us. And he gave me such a detail of misfortunes now existing, or that were soon to exist, that he left me half melancholy. Had I known him before I engaged in this business, probably I never should have done it. This man continued to live in this decaying place, and to declaim in the same strain, refusing for many years to buy a house here, because all was going to destruction; and at last I had the pleasure of seeing him five five times as much for one as he might have bought it for when he first began his croaking."Samuel & Thomazine's daughter Elizabeth married Joseph Fox. [one source states: "Joseph Fox, son of Justinian Fox, born in Philadelphia, died December 10, 1779 aged seventy years (so born about 1709); married, at Philadelphia Meeting, September 25, 1749, Elizabeth Mickle, born 1729, died January 1, 1805, dau of Samuel and Thomazine (Marshall) Mickle. NOTE: another genealogy states he married Elizabeth Cooper, dau of Joseph in 1708].

(Archibald-1) d. 1757 in Gloucester Co NJ: m. 13 May 1723 in Haddonfield Monthly Meeting, Gloucester CO NJ to Mary/Elizabeth Eastlack, dau of John & Sarah (Thackary) Eastlack.
Children of Joseph & Mary/Elizabeth (Eastlack) MICKLE:
1. +Archibald, b. abt 1728 in Gloucester Co NJ
2. Sarah, m. 4 Dec 1745 at Haddonfield Monthly Meeting, Gloucester Co NJ to Joseph MORGAN. He b abt 1728. Issue includes Elizabeth Morgan b. abt 1747 in Woodbury, Gloucester Co NJ.

**Third Generation**

ARCHIBALD-3 MICKLE, (Joseph-2, Archibald-1) b. abt 1728 in Gloucester Co NJ. Married Oct 1749 to Mary Burrough.
Children of Archibald & Mary (Burrough) Mickle:
1. Sarah Mickle, b. 31 Aug 1752 in Gloucester Co NJ; m. 24 Nov 1772 in Haddonfield NJ to AMOS COOPER. He b. 1 Dec 1749 in Gloucester Co NJ; Issue includes (Cooper): Beulah, Sybil, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Joseph, Anne, David, Isaac Mickle, and John.
2. Isaac Mickle, b 25 March 1758. Married 4 Dec 1788 in Woodbury Monthly Meeting, Gloucester Co NJ to Sarah Wilkins. Issue includes Rachel b. 1799 who m. 5 May 1826 in Greenwich, Cumberland Co NJ to Isaac Stillman MULFORD. He was the author of "Reminiscences of Old Gloucester."

WILLIAM-3 MICKLE (John-2, Archibald-1), born 21 Nov 1705 in Greenwich Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey and died before 1784. He married 19 Aug 1732 in Haddonfield MM, Camden Co NJ to Sarah WRIGHT b: ABT. 1727 in Greenwich Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey
Children of William & Sarah (Wright) Mickle:
+1. William Mickle-4, b: 18 Apr 1741 in Greenwich Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey
+2. Samuel Mickle-4, b: 24 Aug 1752 in Greenwich Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey
3. James Mickle-4, b: 26 Dec 1747 in Greenwich Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey; married 1) Letitia Wood and m2) Hannah Lord. Children by 1st wife: Sarah, b 1 Apr 1776; children by 2d wife: Martha, b 18 Mar 1788 m. Thomas Saunders; Hannah, b 11 Oct 1789, m. 14 Nov 1811 at Haddonfield Monthly Meeting to Charles STRATTON who was born 5 June 1790; Eunice b 14 Aug 1794 in Deptford, NJ; and James b 15 Dec 1797, d. 15 Dec 1872.

SAMUEL-3 MICKLE (John-2, Archibald-1) b 14 July 1711 in Gloucester Co NJ; Samuel Mickle was one of the first settlers of Haddonfield. He became the owner of a lot next adjoining the tavern property, "lately belonging to John Roberts, deceased," and there he erected a dwelling. Timothy Matlack, his wife's father, owned the Robert's estate and another lot to the east, fronting on the street. Timothy was a shopkeeper, and was so taxed by the township. Samuel Mickle married 1742 at Haddonfield Monthly Meeting to Letitia Matlack, dau of Timothy & Mary (Haines) Matlack. She was b 13 July 1724 in Pennsauken, Gloucester Co NJ. He having deceased in 1750, his wife Letitia married 2) 19 Apr 1750 to Thomas Hinchman; they had at least one child, namely Joseph Mickle Hinchman, b. 18 Feb 1750/51 in Newton, Gloucester Co NJ. Letitia died 31 March 1752 in Newton, Gloucester Co NJ.
Children of Samuel & Letitia (Matlack) MICKLE:
1. Samuel, b 1 Sep 1746 in Gloucester Co NJ who married Margery Price. She was b. 13 Apr 1748.
2 Hannah who married Thomas Hinchman

**Fourth Generation**

WILLIAM-4 MICKLE (William-3, John-2, Archibald-1) born 18 Apr 1741 in Greenwich Township, Gloucester Co NJ; died 26 JUL 1789 in Gloucester County, New Jersey; married 24 Aug 1777 in Gloucester Co NJ to Sarah Lord.
Children of William & Sarah (Lord) Mickle:
1. David MICKLE b: 27 MAY 1779 in Gloucester County, New Jersey; married Rachel Wills; children: Sarah L. Mickle b. 7 Dec 1805; Moses Wills Mickle b. 30 Sep 1808; Charles Mickle b. 14 Jul 1812.
2. George MICKLE b: 11 JAN 1782 in Gloucester County, New Jersey; married 15 Oct 1812 in Woodbury Monthly Meeting to Mary Brown, resided in Deptford Twp NJ; children: William Mickle b. 24 Sep 1813 who married 1844 to Mary Evans and had daus Anne (1848) and Mary (1850); Sarah Mickle b. 12 July 1817; Martha Mickle b. 16 Feb 1820; and Mary Mickle b. 24 May 1828.

SAMUEL-4 MICKLE (William-3, John-2, Archibald-1) born 24 AUG 1752 in Greenwich Twp., Gloucester County, New Jersey and died 1834 in Greenwich Twp., Gloucester County, New Jersey. He married 1) 13 NOV 1775 in Haddonfield, Gloucester/ Camden Counties, New Jersey to Ann LORD, dau of Joshua & Hannah (Lippincott) Lord who was born 9 Apr 1757 in Deptford Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey and died 2 NOV 1785 in Gloucester County, New Jersey. Samuel married 2nd) 27 Jan 1789 in Woodbury MM, Gloucester County NJ to SOPHIA BROWN, dau of Jonathan & Sarah Brown who was born 1 Apr 1753 in Gloucester Co NJ
Child by Samuel & Ann (Lord) Mickle:
Samuel Mickle, born 1782 in Greenwich, Gloucester Co NJ; lived in East Greenwich until he was 21. He married Susan Clemson, dau of John Clemson of Lancaster Co PA. Resided there about 3 years, then in East Greenwich NJ, and removed to Chester Co PA where he died in 1835. Children of Samuel & Susan (Clemson) Mickle includes: John Clemson Mickle, b. 25 Dec 1808. Learned the trade of cabinet making near Chadd's Ford, Chester County PA. In 1883, leaving his trade on account of health, he was appointed Superintendent of the superstructure of the Columbia and Philadelphia Railroad near Parkesburg, where he and his future wife first met. Married 1 Oct 1835 to Elizabeth Young. She b. 5 March 1818, dau of Thomas & Elvira (Orvis) Young. They afterwards resided at "the Gap" in Lancaster Co PA. In 1838 the family moved to Philadelphia, while engaged in relaying a portion of the track of the PA Railroad. From that period until 1849 he was engaged in the Civil Engineering Work of various railroads. He moved to Mahoning Co. Ohio, where he bought a farm. In the spring of 1853 he sold the farm and entered on 440 acres of government land near Sterling, Whiteside Co IL.
Child of Samuel & Sophia (Brown) Mickle:
1. +Sarah Mickle, b 14 Feb 1797; married 6 Nov 1834 to Samuel Ogden.

**Fifth Generation**

, (Samuel-4, Wiliam-3) b. 14 Feb 1797; married 6 Nov 1834 to Samuel OGDEN. He born 27 Apr 1790 in Woodstown, Salem Co NJ.
Children of Samuel & Sarah (Mickle) Ogden
1. Samuel Mickle, b. 1836. Grocer in Mickleton [East Greenwich] NJ in 1880.
2. +William Mickle, b 6 Apr 1838 in Port ELizabeth, Cumberland Co NJ; d. 3 Aug 1917, m. Rebecca Vanaman Clark.

**Sixth Generation**

(Sarah-5 Mickle, Samuel-4, William-3, John-2, Archibald-1) born 6 Apr 1838 in Port Elizabeth, Cumberland Co NJ. Died 3 Aug 1917. Married 7 March 1867 to Rebecca Vanaman Clark. She b 30 Nov 1848 in Sharptown, Salem Co NJ, dau of Edward C. & Jane E. (Vanneman) Clark. They resided in Greenwich, then East Greenwich NJ.
Children of William Mickle & Rebecca Vanaman (Clark) OGDEN:
1. +Edward Clark, b 25 Oct 1868
2. Anna V., b 25 Oct 1869, died 22 Jan 1889
3. +Caroline, b 1872; married Clayton Thompson

**Seventh Generation**

(William Mickle-6 OGDEN, Sarah-5 MICKLE, Samuel-4, William-3, John-2, Archibald-1) born 25 Oct 1868, died 4 Sep 1939, farmer in East Greenwich Twp, Gloucester Co NJ. In 1910 census. He married 29 Nov 1891 to Anna Elizabeth Gaunt. She b. 1870 in New Jersey.
Children of Edward C. & Anna E. (Gaunt) OGDEN:
1. William Howard Ogden, b. c 1897

CAROLINE MICKLE"Carrie"-7 OGDEN, b. 10 May 1872 in Mickleton, Gloucester Co NJ; d. 8 Dec 1961 in Shady Lane Home, Clarksboro NJ; m. 12 Nov 1890 to Clayton S. Thompson, son of Isaac L. & Elizabeth (Clark) Thompson. He was b. 15 Nov 1860 in Paulsboro NJ, and d. 16 Oct 1943 in Mickleton NJ.
Children of Clayton S. & Caroline M. (Ogden) Thompson:
1. Earl Mickle Thompson, b. 13 Aug 1897; m. 9 Sep 1922 to Ella M. Wainwright. She b. 10 Oct 1897. Had children, Everett B. and Mildred Rebecca
2. Raymond Clark Thompson, b. 2 June 1903; d. 18 Dec 1994; m. Helen Smith Pettit. Had issue, Travis Ogden, and Patricia Pettit.


Joshua MICKEL, b 12 Nov 1768, died 22 Nov 1859. Buried Friesburg Emmanuel Church Cemetery, Salem Co NJ. He married Rosanna(h) STOUT, born 12 Nov 1777 and died 23 Jan 1851, aged 73 yrs 2 months 11 days. Joshua Mickel was executor, along with his wife Rosannah, of her father, Joseph Stout's will, Sept 18, 1805, in Alloways Creek NJ. "To son Richard, $20. To dau. Rosannah Mickle, plantation in Upper Alloways Creek. To grandson Joseph Mickle, watch and silver-hilted sword. To Susanna Robinson, $50; bed and bedding, and at the age of 18 years, a cow, pewter plates, pint pewter basin, 3 tablespoons, 3 teaspoons, 3 knives, 3 forks, 1 spinning-wheel, 1 suit of freedom clothes, from head to foot. The will was witnessed by Davoll Layman, Laurence Casper, Jr. and Hosea Snethin. Proved 23 Dec 1805.
Children of Joshua & Rosanna (Stout) Mickle:
1. Elizabeth Mickle b 2 Feb 1797, d. 15 Feb 1858; m. 27 Jan 1820 in Salem Co NJ to Lewis SIGARS. He b 13 Feb 1793. Had issue (SIGARS) Peter (may be others).
2. Joseph Mickle b 10 Dec 1799, d. 4 May 1867. Married Mary S. Watson. Had issue, Rosanna, Joshua and Sallie.
3. Johann Mickle b 4 Apr 1802, died 15 Sep 1884; resided Upper Alloways Creek, Salem Co NJ; m. 1838 to Elizabeth Johnson. Had issue, Joshua, Elizabeth and Clarence Lentz.
4. Joshua Mickle b 24 Jan 1805
5. Margareta Mickle b 17 May 1806
6. Richard Mickle b 14 Apr 1810, d 12 Nov 1889; resided Upper Alloways Creek, Salem Co NJ; married 1) Ann Timberman; m2) Lydia --; had issue, including Louis Sigars Mickle
7. Henry Mickle b 1815 in Salem Co NJ, d 11 Dec 1889; m. Harriet L. Johnson. Had issue including: Francis, Margaret, Roseanna/Annie, Rebecaa, Elizabeth and Harriet.

1. Colonial and Revolutionary families of Pennsylvania : genealogical and personal memoirs; New York: Lewis Pub. Co., 1911
page 318-319
2. Sketches of the first emigrant settlers in Newton Township, Old Gloucester County, West New Jersey by John Clement; Camden, N.J.: Sinnickson Chew, 1877
3. Other documents and on-line ancestries


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